At Veolia - Novartis Campus St. Johann📍 An active participation!
Our Raoul Frauenlob participated in the workshop and signed up as a founding partner of "Go Circular" in the Life Science Association. The goal is to contribute substantially to the development of circular economy within the life sciences industry and beyond. 
Veolia stands for sustainability in everyday life! Together with #Novartis (Green Team) and #CBRE, we could raise awareness of everyday sustainability among employees.
#WomenVoices: Podcasts with the voices of women who are committed to environmental transformation at Veolia. One voice, for example, belongs to Anne Gueraud, commercial director of Veolia Industries: "The company is changing, more and more women are taking on responsibility in management or technology, for example."
Veolia is supporting World Water Week. The conference is taking place this week in Stockholm. The thematic focus on "Building Resilience Faster" is attracting global attention and fits perfectly with Veolia's commitment as a pioneer of the Ecological Transformation.
As the benchmark company, Veolia wants to help solve the world's pressing environmental problems: Climate change, species loss, pollution and resource scarcity. Join us, together we will achieve the lofty goals.
Hubgrade is the name of Veolia's integrated data management platform that enables you to monitor and evaluate your production KPIs. Hubgrade captures key data on water, energy and material flows. Everything is monitored in real time, neatly evaluated, and should interventions or repairs be necessary, Veolia is happy to support you.
Michel Funfschilling explains why the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an important target definition and mission for Veolia. Veolia sees itself as a pioneer in building a sustainable economy.
Humans must master the self-inflicted climate changes, learn to protect nature and therefore change their behavior. Take a look at Veolia's manifesto of ecological transformation.