Energy Supply

Reliable Energy Supply

With its energy services, Veolia Industry Building - Switzerland is striving to achieve the highest level of operational availability and efficiency.
Our presence and our major experience allow us to deliver service and maintenance solutions which meet the diverse needs of the widest range of customers.
We are professionals in the implementation of energy production and distribution concepts for multi-client platforms and use synergy effects whenever possible.


Attractive System and Performance Contracting

When energy management is not part of the core business of our customers, Veolia Industry Building - Switzerland takes care of the planning, financing, installation, operation and maintenance of energy systems.
Service contracts stipulate the capacity scope and the performance of our energy supply. Therefore we reduce the operating and investment costs of the energy buyers to a minimum.


Our Services in the Area of Electric Power Supply

We produce and distribute electric power. Our dedicated grid service team manages projects in accordance with the electric power ordinance (StV) as well as the low voltage installation ordinance (NIV). Our tasks include the installation, operation and maintenance of electrical equipment to provide comprehensive energy services. We develop customised solutions in every area of power supply at a fair price. For emergency cases, we are available 365 days a year with our 24-hour on-call service.