Veolia Worldwide

Valorec is a subsidiary of the global Veolia Group. Our customers benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of expert knowledge and leading industrial services. Valorec and Veolia work together to boost the effectiveness of their clients and ensure long-term opportunities on the market.

The environment - An Efficiency Factor

With 178,800 employees, Veolia is globally active and offers customised services which meet the needs of municipal and industrial customers: Water supply and waste water treatment, waste handling and recycling, energy management and the optimisation of industrial processes.


A Single Contact Partner for Comprehensive Solutions

With one single contact, our customers have access to comprehensive and integrated industrial services, customised to their specific needs.  Through our international network, we guarantee a consistently high level of professionalism and quality at different locations.


Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrow

Veolia invests in research and is finding new ways to meet tomorrow's challenges for the environment. The company develops innovative approaches which are pragmatic, effective and affordable. Through direct collaboration with specialists on site, it is possible to identify and use many synergies.


Veolia worldwide – Facts and Figures :


 • 98 million people supplied with drinking water 

 • 2,835 wastewater treatment plants operated

 • 3,548 drinking water production plants managed

 • 67 million people connected to wastewater systems

Waste management

• 519,046 business clients

50 million metric tons of waste treated

675 waste processing facilities operated                                                       

• Collection services for more than 42 million people on behalf of local authorities


45'097 thermal installations managed

• 591 heating & cooling networks managed

41 million MWh produced

2,357 industrial sites managed

Veolia Highlights 2019 (Englisch) :