Optimum Solutions

Hazardous waste

Proven Skills and Experience

  • Recycling of a wide range of solvents with 20 distillation columns - in total over 20,000 tons per year
  • Thermal recycling of approximately 80,000 tons of special waste
  • Operation of 3 high temperature incinerators
  • Operation and maintenance of 180 storage tanks


Optimal Recycling of Industrial Waste

Veolia Industry Building - Switzerland is an expert for sustainable integrated waste management.
Our specialists with many years of experience develop customised waste management concepts for industrial businesses and parks. We ensure the cost-effective and environmentally-optimised recycling of solid, pasty, liquid and gaseous waste.

"For disposal queries for special waste, we always review the potential of special waste streams for material or thermal recycling and provide our customers with the appropriate solutions. In addition, we also offer hybrid solutions: we look for solutions to generate fuels or to return regenerated materials to production as part of a closed loop. .”