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Veolia stands up for the Ecological Transformation

Four of the greatest challenges of our time must be solved now: Climate change, species loss, pollution and resource scarcity. Veolia, as one of the world's major players, wants to help address these problems. With its strategic plan "Impact 2023", Veolia sets itself the goal of being the benchmark company for environmental transformation.

To illustrate this ambition, Veolia has launched a new advertising campaign. It highlights the specific and radical solutions we are implementing for water, energy and waste management with our partners.

With its ten different themes, the campaign encourages viewers to discover one of Veolia's initiatives at a time. Examples of the themes are: "Pollution: how can waste become a resource?", "Consumption: how can dirty water become drinking water?" or "Availability: how can the peelings of fruits and vegetables become fertilizer and energy?"

Laurent Obadia, Veolia's communications director, says: "We have entered the phase of building a world champion of ecological transformation with Veolia, and the challenges ahead are huge. Many of tomorrow's solutions are yet to be imagined. The purpose of this unprecedented campaign is to raise public awareness of these critical issues."

With nearly 179,000 employees worldwide, Veolia Group develops and implements breakthrough solutions for water, waste and energy management. In 2020, the Veolia Group provided 95 million people with drinking water and 62 million people with wastewater, produced nearly 43 million megawatt hours of energy and treated 47 million tons of waste. "Resourcing the world": this is Veolia's purpose.

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