Compressed Air Leak Detection

Compressed Air Leak Detection | Avoid unnecessary costs

This digital ultrasonic measuring device detects weak points in your plant

Obvious reasons often lead to the fact that significant energy losses in an industrial plant cannot be recognized. It is about the loss of compressed air, which can happen hardly noticeable at screwed transitions, in apparatuses or at easily defective lines. Such losses then have to be constantly compensated for by the in and of itself unnecessary activity of the compressor.

What is not perceptible, however, is measurable. Veolia uses locating equipment that can detect leaks up to a distance of 15 meters. This is a digital ultrasonic device, which

  • measures leaks in compressed air, gas and vacuum systems
  • registers partial discharges
  • measures the general condition of pipes and equipment
  • checks steam traps.

With Veolia's measurement, you receive a detailed report, and we also mark the locations where we measured pressure loss. This gives you valuable information about urgent or soon to be done maintenance work, and you can order replacement material in time if necessary.

Our offer has a considerable economic benefit and advantage. Not only can you avert unnecessary costs, our measurement will also be charged only when we have succeeded in showing you potential for improvement. If your plant is in perfect condition, there will definitely be no costs.


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Raoul Frauenlob