Energy Optimisation

To develop and optimise energy plants, Veolia Industry Building - Switzerland combines the knowledge of its local specialists with the leading expertise and peak technologies of the group.

Solid Audits and Consultation

A thorough analysis allows Veolia Industry Building - Switzerland to show the energy structures of objects, processes and optimisation channels.
Customised benchmarks allow the continuous monitoring of key indicators and the coordination of all energy services.


Professional Concepts and Project Management

Our services include innovative concepts, seamless planning and the professional management of projects up to the operation of plants in the following areas:

  • Energy, heat and cooling management
  • Optimisation of energy systems
  • Construction and commissioning of air conditioning systems and electrical systems
  • Industrial site management including building management (lighting, heating...)
  • Industrial service of energy systems


Our Expertise

  • Solid experience with over 70 energy media...
  • Selection of the energy media
  • Optimisation of energy efficiency
  • Service & maintenance of energy networks
  • Valorisation of CO2 savings
Manuel Schneider