Solvent recycling

Solvent Recycling

Veolia Industry Building - Switzerland is among the leading European service providers in solvent recycling. In compliance with the highest quality and safety standards, we take care of the environmentally-appropriate treatment of contaminated solvents.
We also have many years of experience in the handling of new and recycled solvents and employ specialists in the area of logistics and transport.
Our solutions for the recycling of solvents
Arnaud Mercier, Operations Manager of the Solvent  Recycling Center

"The demands which our customers put on quality, documentation, traceability and transparency are an important concern. When recovering solvents, we work according to the most demanding quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Through GMP audits (Good Manufacturing Practices), our processes are reviewed from production to cleaning and approval analytics.”

20 distillation columns
180 storage tanks
Recycling of approximately 30 solvents - over 20,000 tons per year
Handling and supply of approx. 40 new solvents - over 30,000 tons per year